When I worked for an art gallery in a past life, we never thought about about current trends. It was always all about the story of each piece, how it evolves, and the placement of each item in a space.

Artists explore visual imagery by layering meaning and their personal reactions their two or three- dimensional surfaces. They are analytical, conceptual, creative, forward thinkers. They set trends rather than following them.

When I worked at Dior, it was a similar story—I was surprised to find that the fashion industry was less about to-the-minute trends than most people think.

“Fashionistas” look at fashion as an art. They see bodies as canvasses and are constantly at work on developing their own sense of style.

Now as a high end interior designer, I apply the lessons from art and fashion to my approach. Whatever role you play in making your home’s design come true, you could do worse than to look at these fields for inspiration.


Armani’s classic clean lines and Zen approach is subtle and timeless.

Andy Warhol’s iconic graphics of famous people and shoes have influenced Dior collections.

The Greats reference their influences. I try to do the same when working with my clients.

Identify the artists and fashion designers who mean something to you and then apply their ideas to your living space.


To use art and fashion to help create quality interior design, here are some things you can do…

1. Define who you are and your interests.

Are you a minimalist, traditional, eclectic or bohemian chic?

Do you like pop art, abstract expressionism or Italian Renaissance paintings?

2. Travel to new places…explore and absorb the experience and surroundings.

Is there a story to bring home to share? It could be a piece of art, on a print on a sofa or texture on a wall.

3. Immerse yourself in culture.

Art galleries and boutiques are always great places to learn about new artists and see the latest fashion and colors forecasts.

Adding new stories is like layering a room with history you create and that represent who you are.

This me at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome…wearing my everyday favorite, lulu lemon.


Tell us where you get your inspiration. Post your comments below.