Though Miami is filled with many glorious days of sunshine, we still do occasionally get that rainstorm. When it rains it really pours here in Miami. Luckily for us there are still so many rainy day activities that you can do!

We really encourage our readers to take advantage of the many opportunities this city holds, so take a look below about some fun ideas for you and your family and friends!

Get Competitive with Sports
Take a swing at bat at Hitter’s Hangout. This indoor baseball and softball park will really give you some practice at bat and make you feel like a pro. Speaking of pro’s, you can also swing on over to the Miami Marlins Ballpark and catch a game. Or watch the Miami Heat basketball team play at American Airlines Arena!

Take a Stroll in a Museum
One major entity of Miami is always the visual arts. There is always an amazing new exhibit to go see. If you are looking to check out some free artwork you can always take a stroll down Lincoln Road. You can read about even more upcoming art exhibits around the city here.

Dance the Night Away
And yes of course there is always the Miami nightlife. You can always dance away the bad weather blues at one of the many mega clubs of Miami. You can get that Latin flavor on the dance floor at Mango’s Tropical Café in South beach and go home feeling the true Miami spirit.

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