If you’ve been reading for a while, you know by now that I get very excited when I come across new infrastructures being built in Miami. Architecture and design is vital to South Florida.

Luxury Interior Design and Real Estate are two major industries that thrive off of location and surroundings.

I would love to share with you this ‘Underline’ park that should be coming to Miami in the near future!

New York City is full of glorious architecture and state-of-the-art edifices. The famous New York Highline Park spans across an old elevated railroad track down the west side of Manhattan Island. Located in the Chelsea neighborhood, a cultural hub filled with art galleries and high-end shops. It draws many tourists as well as New York natives to take a stroll and take in the urban cityscape.

I am thrilled to see such a great park being built in South Florida. It will attract more tourism as well as raising the bar in surrounding neighborhoods. This park can create a higher end marketplace for many shops and homes around the it.

Keeps your eyes peeled for this amazing park, to be named the ‘Underline’, up and open in July!