I am a huger supporter of fine arts in Miami and NYC and when it comes to my readers I cant wait to share any news the art world brings!

The fine arts and high-end interior design are industries that depend on each other when designing a beautiful home.

Today I am going to tell you more about pop-up art galleries that are coming to Miami this summer!

Jose Frances, the founder of online boutique gallery +598, will be bringing back his pop-up gallery concept this summer! With the success of his pop-up gallery this past March in the Design District, Frances has decided to have it again and connect with his patrons.

His vision was such a huge success in March that he now knows how important it is to keep this art industry culture in Miami. His show will be a mix of cocktail and Tupperware style parties. Frances is a true influencer who is expanding his business model to attract his clientele.

Frances wants to offer more than his online gallery and make it accessible to everyone! We are excited to see what he has in store for us this summer!

You can read even more about it here.