Some exciting news is coming to Miami regarding the expansion of art in the cityscape! We love seeing new exhibits and galleries pop up especially when it is open to the public. We caught wind of these development and public art installations from the Miami Herald.

City planners intend to take over management of public art from Miami-Dade County’s successful Art in Public Places program. This program would require private developers to set aside project funds for the artwork.

To help boost Miami’s growing cultural magnitude, these installations of creative works would be brought to places across the city where everyone can enjoy them.

Miami-Dade County’s long-running Art in Public Places program is considered one of the most successful in the country, the county program has placed hundreds of sculptures, installations, murals, paintings and photographs at sites ranging from Miami International Airport to Port Miami, transit stations, libraries, housing developments and parks.

To judge the quality, value and appropriateness of the art, the city would also, like the county, create a panel of experts in various fields, including fine arts, design and architecture as well as real-estate development. This is exciting news to hear that even more wonderful design works will be spread across the city refereed by the best of the best in the art community.

The city is doing a very positive deed for the city by using public art to increase the value of the land and benefit the community.

We hope to hear more to come of this proposal in the late summer!