Interior design and decoration can be used synonymously on specific occasions, but the two have various fundamental differences. At Interiors by Steven G (IBSG), we specialize in interior design for residential and commercial spaces. We’re the team to call when looking for interior designers South Florida. Here’s an overview of the primary differences between interior design and decoration:

What Is Interior Design?

Interior design is a science involving understanding how people create functional spaces in a building. Decoration entails furnishing and adorning elements people use to improve space aesthetics. Interior designers can decorate, but not all interior decorators can design a functional space. The interior design process uses a systematic methodology involving research, analysis, and integration to deliver client needs.

Interior designers employ creative and technical solutions to create a functional, attractive space. The goal is to design a space that benefit’s the occupant’s quality of life. Interior designers evaluate the building’s shell, physical location, and social context of the project. At Interiors by Steven G, we provide a full service covering everything from project conception to completion. We also have an extensive collection of decorative elements.

What Is Interior Decoration?

Interior decoration integrates aesthetically pleasing elements to improve a room’s overall look and feel. An interior decorator thinks about decorative elements like furniture, wall covering, rugs, upholstery, accessories, and more. Interior decorators seldom work with architects to create new spaces. They embellish existing interior spaces with fitting fixtures and elements based on client needs.

At Interiors by Steven G, we provide decoration services alongside design.  Our team can create new spaces from scratch and have the skills to improve existing designs. Interior decoration is a smaller subset of interior design. Decorators are stylists who can tweak various elements to produce the desired aesthetics. You can hire a decorator if you want a makeover after the designer completes structural plans and renovations.

What Is the Difference Between Interior Design and Decoration?

Interior design and decoration call for unique skills and education. Designers are expected to have a higher level of education. Decorators don’t require formal training because interior decoration focuses on space aesthetics. An interior decorator doesn’t participate in structural planning or renovations. The decorator focuses on the surface appearance of the space.

Some decorators have degrees in related fields, and many enter the profession after developing a hobby for decorating. Interior designers have a more complex role and must follow specific codes and standards to deliver the desired outcome. Designers also need a license to offer their services. Here are the primary differences between interior design and decoration:

1.  Credentials

Many U.S. states require interior designers to get a license or registration permitting them to provide their services. When you search for interior designers South Florida, you’ll get recommendations for companies licensed in the state. The designers know codes, standards, and environmental sustainability requirements in Florida. 

Interior decorators don’t need accreditation, but leading professionals have such options. At Interiors by Steven G, we have a qualified team with various credentials. Our designers and decorators have completed courses for color, fabric, space planning, room layouts, furniture styles, and more.

2.  Duties

Interior designers and decorators have different duties. A decorator focuses on helping clients choose a style, color scheme, furniture, decorations, and accessories for interior and exterior spaces. Their work revolves around sprucing up an existing space. Interior decorators are hired after the completion of interior building design, so they don’t work with architects or builders. They can collaborate with companies offering furniture, accessories, and wall coverings.

Interior decorators won’t change the doors, windows, toilets, kitchens, and functional spaces. They can impact lighting, soft decorations, artwork, toppings, and furnishings. Interior designers deal with comprehensive research and analysis to understand the client’s needs. They plan interior layouts to make them functional and aesthetic. Interior designers use advanced technology to create virtual plans and work with architects, engineers, and builders.

3.  Projects

Interior designers and decorators take on different projects and work with specific professionals. When hiring one, you can consider whether your needs are structural or purely aesthetic. Interior designers handle structural changes, such as removing a wall, relocating plumbing and wiring, and adding new doors/windows. Decorators are hired when you need aesthetic help, such as deciding on a style or choosing furnishing, wallpaper, paint, or window treatment.

Interior decorators focus on meeting clients’ needs for a beautiful, welcoming space. Decorators come on board after the structural work is complete. They work directly with homeowners and business managers to deliver customized stylistic solutions. Designers work closely with contractors and architects to deliver functional spaces according to the client’s needs and zonal requirements.

Leading Interior Designers South Florida

Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) is a full-service interior design firm with experienced designers and decorators. We service clients looking for interior designers South Florida. Our company can handle everything from design conception to completion and decoration. We can help you create a functional space and select furniture, furnishings, greenery, lighting, décor, accessories, and more. Our company is your one-stop shop for all design needs in south Florida.