When you start to grow out of your newly wed home designer techniques you learn what sources make the most sense for your aesthetic. Inspiration comes from all kinds of places. It can be hard to find some of the best and brightest. There are many books that can help influence your design and if can be hard to figure out which are the best ones out there.

Today I am going to share with you a few motivational books that will help inspire the growing home designer to hone there craft.

These interior design books were created to help you build your design style and teach you to come up with new things. Check them out!

  • The Good Life: Palm Springs
    If you have a love for California inspired décor this is the book for you. California has rubbed off on me. The photographs by Nancy Baron bring so much inspiration to the viewers’ decor style. You would get the bright, airy vibe and with a touch of mid-century modern.
  • Tricia Guild: Pattern
    Tricia Guild is known for her bold fabric, wallpaper designs, and an extraordinary sense of color and pattern. Adding pattern and color can create difference in a space, but it can also be intimidating. Following the success of her books on color, this richly hued coffee table book shares her skills with patterns. This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to add some more color to their life.
  • Bright Bazaar’s Dream Decor
    By Will Taylor takes readers on a journey to fifteen decor destinations that each has a distinct and inspired style. This book will inspire readers to take in their surroundings and create their own unique home style.
  • Cecil Beaton at Home: An Interior Life
    By Andrew Ginger captures a through the lens looks on Cecil Beaton, a renaissance man of the twentieth century and an extraordinary interior designer of his time.
  • Junk Gypsy
    By Jolie Sikes and Aimee Sikes, takes you on a ride with these sisters through their addiction to flea markets, wanderlust, and Americana inspired design. In their world, cowgirls are heroes, road trips last forever, and junk is treasured.
  • Home Style By City
    This book captures the essence of five very design-forward cities. It is filled with many photos on gorgeous homes that reflect local style and international inspiration.
  • Living Life Beautifully
    This book tells the story about Christina Strutt and how she expanded her fabric brands Cabbages & Roses into a lifestyle brand organically.
  • The Stuff of Life
    Hillary Robertson delves into how to distinguish a hotel from a home through everyday accessories and stuff!
  • Home
    Home, by Ellen DeGeneres, discusses the many homes that Ellen has bought and renovated over the past 25 years. DeGeneres describes her real estate and decorating adventures as pure education. Here passion for interior design has always been a passion of hers since a young age.Here are her main takeaways of interior design knowledge.
    – Go vintage
    – Neutral colors make the best palette
    – Let the sunshine in
    – The power of simplicity, less is more
    – Get a chalkboard in your kitchen

I hope you enjoy these great motivational reads and use them to inspire new ideas in your own design!