This summer it’s time to escape the indoors and get some fresh air on your patio or garden room. It’s the time of year to celebrate the great weather with BBQ’s, parties, and lounging outside with friends.

When building the perfect patio it is important to design for your summer needs. Today I am going to help you with some inspiration to create the perfect patio and build your outdoor space.

When starting to think about all of the factors to start decorating your perfect patio you should always start from your interior elements. Ask yourself how you will be using the outdoor space for and what you will be doing in it, whether its cooking or relaxing. If you will be cooking outdoors you should consider getting a dining room table. A full cushion set of seating will create a tranquil space. When it comes to choosing material I recommend aluminum furniture for your patio because it is lighter and can withstand elements such as saltwater or corrosion.

You should also get that gardening started and create a fairytale in your backyard if you have the space! Use the planters or pots as accent colors that will really make that patio pop!

Try adding table lanterns with LED lights to make a bold move and ambient setting. Umbrellas can offer shade and rugs can anchor the space.

If you’re having trouble choosing your outdoor color scheme always stars with colors from nature. Grab inspiration from what is around you and use earth tones or blues from the sky.