We have sourced this great article by Vogue magazine that sites advice from various designers. This particular advice is targeted toward 20 somethings who are finding their own interior design stride.

Check out these 5 takeaway tips below!

  1. “The biggest mistake I see is a refusal to decorate like an adult. Listen, Peter Pan, it’s time to grow up! Once you’re out of college, there’s no reason to have a futon. A well-coiffed bed says you’re mature, you have good taste, and you’re financially stable. Even if it’s not quite true, you can trick them with a Euro sham.”
    Jonathan Adler, potter, designer, and author.
  2. “They forget the importance of rugs. I can’t tell you how many homes I’ve been in that have bare, naked floors. I think most 20-somethings are intimidated by how expensive rugs can be and what a commitment they are, but don’t be scared! A rug defines a space and makes everything seem more cozy and comfortable.”
    —Orlando Soria, West Coast creative director for Homepolish
  3. “They think metals have to match, small-scale furniture will make a room feel bigger, and that cool tones always make a space seem cold—all not true. And their living room rugs are too small!”
    —Sheena Murphy, Sheep + Stone

  4. “Twenty-somethings don’t realize the power of framing artwork. Posters taped or pinned on the walls can look crazy unless you have that artistic eye.”
    Danielle Arps, Dani Arps
  5. “In your 20s, you are often decorating your first apartment or home, and are excited to get it all together. Sometimes people make the mistake of purchasing before planning. My advice is to map it out. Create a rough floor plan of your space with accurate measurements and use it as you pick your key furniture pieces for the room. It will be your guide through the whole process and help you avoid a lot of frustrating errors.”
    Becki Owens, interior designer