So you have chose the best pastel paint color, decided in the Moroccan rug, placed the perfect couch, added some intricate floor lamps, now what do you do with the blank wall above your couch!?

Today I am going to share with you some interior decorating ideas to do with that daunting space. These ideas will help bring your room together and feel complete with your own personal touch.

Check them out!

When you add a decorative mirror to this space you will add extra depth and significance to your living room. Small or large the mirror can add visual space and light to your room.

Gallery Wall
If you are having trouble choosing what pictures are behind-the-couch-worthy, then just take a group of your favorite pictures and present them all gallery-style. This look that takes advantage of the wall space and is appealing and interesting to view.

Statement Artwork
After reading this blog we hope we have inspired you enough and enhanced you eye for design. Why not show off your personal artwork and make your mark in your living room. Blow up a photograph that you love and get it elegantly framed. It will be a beauty to look at and a real conversation piece.

If you are an avid book reader and also need a place to fit your large bookshelves, try behind your couch. There is no better view than an entire wall covered in classics. This look will give you a wow factor plus easy access to your favorite reads.

Accent Wall
The wall behind your sofa is a perfect place for an accent wall. Pair it with a neutral sofa and simple decorations to hang, and you will have edgy but refined feel in your living room. Painting the accent all is affordable and fun. Try out the color of the year, Marsala!

Adding Shelves
By adding shelves it is not only great for extra storage, but also a personal space to hold your family photos and art. This gives you the option to switch up the objects on the shelf when the look becomes stale.