Mistake #1: Do not go overboard on matching
It can be easy to fall into the trap of buying the same furnishings and start matching everything. This can make a room feel overwhelming, what you should is mix up accessories to add character to each room. This will bring uniqueness.

Mistake #2: Do not use poor lighting
Lighting is a very important element to the functionality and feeling of a room. You have to think about the color of light, the ­quantity of light and where to place it. When you have lighting in layers you can build more light based on the time of day and add dimmers. Now you can have the ability to adjust your lighting for any mood you want.

Mistake #3: Not testing paint colors
It is very important to test out you paint color choices before taking the dive.  Avoid too much intense color. Make sure you also mix up colors and test them out. Swatching is key to finding the perfect color.

Mistake #4: Don’t place all furniture against the walls
Instead of having your living room furniture stand pressed against the wall, try moving it f inward to create a warm seating arrangement for conversation. The furniture should be arranged to allow for guests and family to circulate through the space. Just add the perfect area rug and you can unite all furnishings.

Mistake #5: Do not ignore scale and proportion
It is very important to determine scale and proportion when designing a room.  Scale is the size of things, and proportion is the relationship of those sizes to each other and the room as a whole. Making sure you add the right furniture and create feng shui will bring peace to a room.