I’ve been singing the praises of high end interior design blogger Slim Paley for near on a year now. We’ve even traded a handful of mutually-complimentary Tweets.

So I was naturally interested when I came across her real name in an online discussion of some of the best high end interior design blogs out there.

Carolyn Espley-Miller.

Because I’m such a fan of her unique take on design, life, and art, I had to know more. So I did a quick Google search

Turns out that at the dawn of civilization (the 80’s), Slim/Carolyn was a model who appeared in the video for KajaGooGoo’s new wave classic “Too Shy.” Eventually she met an SNL cast member and rising star of the comedy world.

His name was Dennis Miller.

That’s right, that Dennis Miller…the Weekend Update guy and present-day political firebrand.

If that’s not a power couple, I don’t know what is.

Congratulations to Dennis for finding such a great match!