Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was “The Governor” or the “Terminator” he was a legendary body builder. Arnold created an amazing physique allowing him to be a seven-time “Mr. Olympia”.  Now I am sure you are wondering how body building can be compared to high end interior design, but there is a lot to learn from Arnold when making interior design decisions. They both depend on a visionary goal which is achieved by a well-structured plan.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gorgeous home


While Arnold’s vision was a “pumped up body,” a designer’s vision is a beautiful and functional space.  For Arnold to be able to achieve Mr. Olympia he needed to implement a plan where he paid attention every detail.

In the world of design this is no different, as it is essential to always take into account how one decision will affect the next. A well-structured plan will keep you from creating mistakes that may cost you time in the long run as well as help you achieve your desired goal of creating a space that all of your friends will admire.

Another shot of Ah-nuld’s high end interior design.



Arnold won so many titles by creating the perfect diet and establishing healthy habits that he stuck to religiously. And he never skipped a day of training—he always stayed true to his plan and built his body rep by rep.

Whether you’re a high end interior designer, a client, or someone just making design decisions for your home, you should follow his example.

The best way to stay on track is to create a list of all of the elements each room will need. From there it is important to find inspiration…such as a picture you saw in a magazine or a color palate that evokes a stimulating feeling. You can start by picking an area rug that will dictate the direction of the room or a piece of art that you love and adding on to the design from here. Just keep in mind that a well-designed home is built one piece at a time layer by layer.

Proof that Arnold is lifelong learner.



Arnold did not win seven titles and create the ultimate physique on his own. He had the help of the sport’s most knowledgeable professional, Joe Weider. Having Joe on his side helped him create the perfect body and avoided him from making costly mistakes.

Just as Arnold had Joe Weider, working with a quality interior designer can also help you prevent unforeseen problems regardless of how good your taste may be. A true professional will help guide you through each step of your project making sure that you do not create costly mistakes along the way. Walking you through your detailed plan checking off each item on your list one by one until your vision becomes reality.

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