As you know Miami is filled with amazing architecture and the fabulous Art Deco style. The growing Miami Design District is known for their awe-inspiring architecture.

The city’s Urban Development Review Board has just recommended approval for this unique, 7 story, Museum Garage to be added to the Miami Design District.

The Museum Garage is the future luxury development for the Miami Design District, an epicenter for fashion, art, design, and culture.

Public art has always been a key aspect to the growing district. This functional piece of art will help bring more visitors in and give them a place to park. The building is to highlight the work of a half-dozen artists who are to craft diverse 3-D façades.

Designers from all over the world will be curated by the Miami Art Museum Board to create fresh ideas for the Museum Garage’s façade.

I am truly excited to see the Miami Design District thrive and develop more unique concepts.