I’m a dedicated yogi as well as a high end interior designer, and I’ve found that the two practices inform each other. At the core, they’re both about balance and harmony.

Here are 4 things I’ve learned from my yoga practice about what makes for quality interior design. I’m confident you can apply them to their process of making your own home beautiful.

Balance in yoga means establishing your center of gravity so your movement around the center can flow easily. Establishing the center of gravity requires intense, unwavering focus, which can result in a deep sense of calm and fluid stability as all other thoughts in your mind leave.

Creating balance in interior design is to create a center of gravity in a room, which we call a grounding. Once the grounding is established, all elements that you select, such as furniture, art, color, etc., will flow easily, which creates a sense of calm and stability in the room.

You can have the most expensive, luxurious items but if they are not balanced correctly in a room, it can cause a feeling of instability not only to the eye but internally as well.

Yoga is not about twisting your body into a pretzel (although if you can do that it can be quite challenging and fun). What it is about is simplicity. Simple, slow, deliberate movements that can clear the mind and eventually create strength, calmness, harmony and unwavering alertness.

Simplicity in quality interior design is the opposite of throwing in everything but the kitchen sink. You have heard the statement over and over again that less is more. A chaotic atmosphere will definitely create a lack of balance and harmony. Simple, deliberate choices in furnishings, art, accessories and color will foster a sense of a balanced equilibrium.

Yoga is about increasing flexibility slowly and consistently. Practicing each asana, slowly and reaching for the extra stretch when you are ready will allow you to obtain the goal of more flexibility. Flexibility then results in a more balanced, harmonious, healthy and hopefully longer life.

With quality interior design a look unfolds bit by bit, and you need flexibility to follow where it goes. Certain things just cannot be forced. The goal is always to keep a balance and to create an atmosphere of calm and harmony. When a design is forced, you will most certainly feel it, within moments of walking into a room.

Yoga does not work without living the right kind of lifestyle. It is important to incorporate good eating habits along with living spiritually.

If you have the opportunity to work with a premium interior design professional, it will be important not to let the home fall into disarray afterward. Maintain the home’s harmonious atmosphere by keeping the clutter to a minimum, allow the fresh air in, and by all means do some yoga.