When decorating your home and all of your finishing touches are on its way to meet perfection your last and final step is accessorizing! This is my favorite part of interior design and it is where you can really show of you personality in your home.

Sometimes it is worth the treasure hunt when it come to choosing g your home accessories. Even if it checking out the local flea market or purchasing the perfect antique.

It can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what accessories to pair together, but if you stick with “decorating in 3’s” and using varying heights, you can’t go wrong. This rule means you can always put 3 matching accessories in one home to create balance.

One thing you have to remember is to stay true to yourself and your decorating partner. You should not worry about conforming to the latest trends or you’re your friends might think. You need to surround yourself with things you love. Remember, home is where the heart is!