For everyone who wants to glamorize your home like a pro but do not have the mist space to work with it can be challenging. The challenge you will face is how to get all of your personal items and furniture placed perfectly in the right places.

Today I am going to share with you some solutions and tips to help solve your tiny space woes. So check them out below and start planning your space!

Vertical Space:
A unique way to create storage is by adding floating shelves to your walls at varying heights. This is a great solution to make more room in your home. So find that wall and build your space up vertically.

Multi-use Furniture:
Furniture that transforms or is mobile is a true miracle when it comes to your small space. For example you can have a kitchen or bar cart on wheels and ready to zip around the room when needed to make space.

White Walls and Curtains:
We have talked about it over and over again, how white walls truly open up your room and create a larger cleaner living environment.  If you love pops of color and want to incorporate it into your home with out cramping your space then we have a solution for you! Try hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains in your space, this will help create the illusion of height. Choose any color, pattern, or print you would like for your drapes!

Gallery Wall:
To make a great impact and add personal decorations you can never go wrong with a gallery wall. You can create a variety in sized and hand them up wherever you please and it will draw great attention and can also act as a statement piece for above the couch.