I love Harry Potter (there, I said it).  As an interior designer, the world that J. K. Rowling creates is a true inspiration.  Extremely detailed, imaginative, fanciful and of course magical.

As wonderful and exciting as the design field is, I hate to tell you that it is unfortunately not always magical.  Interior designers would love to have magic wands where we can transform spaces with the flick of a wrist and a beautify charm but I still haven’t figured out how to do this.  (Please let me know if you have.)

However, there are some fun lessons that we can learn from Hogwarts that can help inspire and direct your design decisions.  So put on your Sorting Hat and lets get started.

One of the coolest things that can be done in the Potter world is Transfiguration or the magical skill of changing the form or appearance of an object.  High end interior designers do this on a daily basis.

In the world of Miami interior design, we could just be changing your condo layout from looking like the one above and below you or we can be creating a focal point or making something disappear (like an ugly vent).

The aim is generally to make something look new and unexpected properties.  Potions with magical effects, we have to make sure that we add just the right amount of each ingredient to make the “potion” the correct mixture (proportion and balance).

One of the main reasons that Harry has become so loved is that the books are so detailed that you feel like you can step into the magical land through the pages.  Truly high end interior design should do the same thing.

When making decisions about your interior design, always think in terms of whether this is something that will help build the world you’ll be living in.

Harry always did what he felt was right in his own heart and this is something that everyone should do when it comes to their spaces.

I hear clients saying that they fell in love with a piece of art, for example, but that they didn’t buy it because it didn’t go with their décor.  So so sad.

It is more important to surround yourself with things that you love instead of having your art match your sofa.  Something you love can always become a welcome addition to your home if your home truly reflects who you are.  The way to assure this is to consistently evaluate what is already in your home as well as what you are bringing in and only keeping the things that you truly love.