We love sharing with our readers all of the happenings in Miami. Especially when it comes to the fine arts and of course design!

I am super excited to share with you the Design Miami exhibitors for 2015. The fair has new additions from around the world from places like São Paulo, Rome, London, New York, Brussels, and Beijing.

The 11th edition of the art and design fair will take place from December 2–6, and with 35 exhibitors.

We also get very excited when students get the chance to learn and grow through the arts. For the first time, the fair has commissioned a student group from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design to create a unique entryway for the site. Usually a new architect or designer gets this opportunity. But this year, they are getting the youth involved!

The winning design is “UNBUILT” by Joanne Cheung, Jenny Shen, Steven Meyer, Doug Harsevoort, and Yiliu Shen-Burke, a canopy crafted from 200 pink foam architectural models sprouting from tall metal structures.

The Design Curio section will return once again with another set of installations displaying everything from developing design technology to modern conceptual design.

You can read the full exhibitor list here!