Every year we get to see this amazing luxury design fair, and this year Mason&Objet is getting a new director, Gaston Isoldi! This Miami-based director is sure to shake things up!

This year the fair will take place in May, and we are excited to announce that Miami will be home base for the Americas showcase. Mason&Objet’s mission is to bring the most talented players in the design world together from around the globe to showcase innovation, growing trends, and sophisticated design work.

Isoldi will be leading the charge and has much to say in his interview with Ocean Drive in the direction he will be leading it.

Isoldi states that Mason&Objet has made Miami its home for the Americas show because Miami is now the center of art and design for the Americas. This is a very exciting proclamation, as we Miamians know the success of design in this city.

Last year the show had a waitlist and Isoldi expects this year to surpass those expectations. The Miami Beach Convention Center has been going through many renovations but this will not hold them back.

Isoldi plans on adjusting the balance of products from Europe, North America, Latin America, and the rest of the world. This year they will be sharing more amazing product from the Americas side.

You can read the full interview here.