Whether you are living in a cozy apartment or spacious house, closets are an essential part of your living environment. Closets are a place to store items away or neatly arrange items for your everyday needs.

Planning your closet can be daunting but you have to do it right and work with the space you have to utilize every inch! These days you can simply call and arrange an appointment with a closet planner and shorty after transform your space. This can cost you a fortune!

Today I am going to give you a few tips for designing a luxurious and organized closet!

Quantity & type of clothes and accessories: When first designing the interiors of a closet you must the amount of clothes and types if clothes that will be going inside. Write out a list of the number of pants, sweater, dresses, blouses, accessories, belts, scarves, jewelry etc. This will enable you to decide what type of storage is needed.

Shelf depth and height: If you decide to install open shelving for sweaters or shirts you must be certain that the shelves are deep enough for stacking everything inside neatly and not stuffing them in. It is also important to make sure that these shelves are not installed to high and unreachable. Nobody wants to have to climb a stepladder in order to dig up your favorite cashmere.

Don’t forget lighting: The most important aspect that is easily looked over is lighting! You need to see what your pulling out to wear don’t you! This in essential part of you closet and must not be over looked. Ideally you would want natural light… but you can test out different fixtures and bulb wattages until you are 100% satisfied. This will guarantee a successful closet renovation.

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