When you start to grow out of your newly wed home designer techniques you learn what sources make the most sense for your aesthetic. Today I am going to share with you a few book that will help inspire the growing home designer to hone there craft

The Good Life: Palm Springs
If you have a love for California inspired décor this is the book for you. California has rubbed off on me. The photographs by Nancy Baron bring so much inspiration to the viewers’ decor style. You would get the bright, airy vibe and with a touch of mid-century modern.

Tricia Guild: Pattern
Tricia Guild is known for her bold fabric, wallpaper designs, and an extraordinary sense of color and pattern. Adding pattern and color can create difference in a space, but it can also be intimidating. Following the success of her books on color, this richly hued coffee table book shares her skills with patterns. This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to add some more color to their life.

The Jonathan Adler Book: My Prescription For Anti-depressive Living
As the title suggests, this isn’t just a home book. It touches on the importance of mental health. Coming home should be an antidote to the troubles and traumas of everyday life. Do whatever makes you feel happy.