There are so many different ways to influence interior design choices for your home. Each inspiration directly reflects the style you choose for a room.

For example if you define your decorating inspiration as urban, you may find yourself having a sleek and refined style. Minimalist artwork and black and white walls would fit this urban scheme in your home.

Today I am going to share with you what you can take away from a fairy tale interior design inspiration! If you see yourself living in a whimsical yet classic environment then this is the blog post for you!

No matter where you live, Florida, New York, or Texas, a fairytale inspiration can transcend your home into something enchanted and charming.

Let the light shine in
Bringing in natural light in a room is important for your home to translate nature and feel pure and warm. You can amplify natural light by painting the walls a pale green or a fair blue. These earthy tones can relate to the trees, sky, and grass. Even a chartreuse tone will bring cheer into the room.

Rose gold and elaborate finishes
To really bring a whimsical character into your home try decorating with embellished headboards and bronzed sconces. Small touches of brassy browns and rose gold’s will bring in majestic flair.

21st century romanticism
If you are living with a man he may not agree with the statement of femininity in your fairy tale inspired home. Compromise is always important when designing as a couple. Bring modern romance into your home with potted plants and flowers. This will bring a rustic touch to the room while still holding the color and beauty of the flower.