We have shown you cautionary interior design stories, common mistakes, and decorating tips. Today’s topic has to do with the many common interior design faults that everyone manages to do at some point.

Use these 4 points to help avoid such decorating disasters!

Holding on to items you hate
Even is it’s a gift, you do not place objects that do not fit. By giving in and doing this you can ruin the entire space. The only way to get rid of this problem is to get rid of the junk you’ve been holding onto that you know you do not need. With a clear space and clear mind the design possibilities are endless!

Through the wires
Cables. Everyone has more than they know balled up into an endless maze of exhaustion and can barely tell what they are even for! My advice is to keep everything orderly. Try choosing a cord that matches the wall color or try drilling a hole in the back of furniture so the cord can go through. Store your unused wires and label them properly. Staying clutter free means staying stress free.

Too many photos
From family photos, baby pictures, vacations, and reunions, the amount of pictures people can collect is insane! Of course pictures are treasured memories but if there are too much it can cause them to be less special. Just pick out your favorite photographs and display them in fabulous frames.

Positioning furniture wrong
You can admit that not everyone is perfect at placing down your furniture. Not everyone has the eye. Fret not there are many free resources and tools out there that can help. Try some of these helpful Interior Design Apps out for your spacing needs. Or get some professional help and have it done with expert finesse!