Is one of the rooms in your home in need of a drastic update? Are you tired of your bland old eggshell walls? Well then today’s inspiration may be just perfect for you!

Today I am going to share with you how you can upgrade your home instantly by applying bold patterns to your walls! Let’s take a look at how these patterns come to full fruition in your home.

Our earth is covered in unique patterns throughout nature, fashion, animals, and architecture. There is always a distinctive print to take away inspiration from.

This year we have highlighted the Chromatropic pattern and dazzling wallpaper. See below some featured patterns that have been hot this year!

Mod Optic
Bold geometric designs are making their way into home decor with subtle shifts in scale and color. These strong three-dimensional patterns create a clean, modern style that communicates sophistication and boldness. Infuse contrast and depth to create a clean, modern backdrop for existing decor.

Striking Linework
The once simple stripe has found new life with a bold, modern twist. Sharp angles and a fractured, abstract look bring dimension to the standard stripe, and add strong visual impact to even the most awkward spaces around the home. Consider using neutral paint colors for more traditional and elegant looks or brighter colors to infuse energy into the space.

Geo Elemental
Merging traditional shapes such as zigzags and diamonds with various color treatments adds a modern feel to deep-rooted tradition, creating a meeting point for contemporary and universal. The lively repetition of eye-catching, sharp lines is ideal for spaces that draw attention in one direction and evoke a strong sense of place. Using earth tones and natural colors add to the global feel of the pattern, while cool neutral colors provide a relaxing aura.