As you know, we here at Interiors by Steven G. adore all things Brazilian — from the culture to the clients. That’s why when we hear about high end interior design news from South America’s largest nation, we have to bring it to you.

So imagine our pleasure when we found out about this 1,200 square meter palace specifically designed to let cool air naturally flow through it. A perfect place for the tropics.

If only a Miami interior designer would take a page out of their book.

Hey wait a minute…


There’s no bigger market for Miami real estate and interior design than Brazil. But why are Brazilians flocking to Miami? Is it the luxury real estate? The high end interior designers? Or is it simply the weather?

On this episode of DesignTV with Steven G., Brazilian-Miamian powerhouse high end real estate broker Yara Gouveia tells us why wealthy and powerful Brazilians love Miami so much as well as its homes and interior decoration style.