We have discussed the unique power of nature and the brilliance it can bring to your home with interior design. I get excited when I come across new ideas that can powerfully impact a space.

This week’s high-end interior design inspiration will take you on a walk on the wild side. We have hunted down some of these exotic ideas that truly unleash unique style in your home.

Color Scheme
There are so many exuberant colors in the wild, so you can start by choosing a favorite animal. For example, you can develop a calm and neutral room by finding inspiration from the majestic beauty of horses. You can use various shades of brown to create a melodious and exquisite space. You can even add a framed piece of horse art to tie it all together.

Animal Aesthetic
Animal prints will always be seen throughout the interior design world. All the way from furniture like ottomans and sofas, to decorative throw pillows, animal prints can be inserted anywhere. It is even greater if you have personal artifacts or accessories from your last interesting vacation.

Animal prints as subtle or bold as you would like. First you need to determine how much texture, color, and pattern to weigh in on the room. You want to avoid confusing the eye with too many patterns. You want to choose a few home accessories wisely and match them with solid colors.

Wild Focal Points
Create an interesting focal point in your room with a true conversation piece. The Chippendale chair! The Chippendale style, named after its maker Thomas Chippendale, was popular during the 18th century. This style was modeled after 4-legged animals with a claw and ball foot.

Zebra, Cheetah, and Giraffe print area rugs also pin point a wild style. When choosing a rug it is important to condenser the size of the floor space and the amount of furniture. You can pick a bold print and really make your room stand out.