We have enlightened you with patterns that pop, inspired you with various textiles, and styles from around the world.

Today I am going to share with you some inspiring ways to bring texture into a room. A small change can go a long way in the interior design world so take a look at what matches your home best!

Mix and Match Fabrics
Layering is everything when is comes to your interiors. Mixing up fabrics in your space can cause a pleasantly elaborate effect. By opening your mind up to different fabrics your options are limitless. Pick and choose your favorites and add them together. This will help create your own unique aesthetic.

Don’t Forget to Look Down
What you don’t realize that can matter most is right there underneath your feet. Rugs really can tie a room together and choosing the perfect rug is everything! Rugs add a great sense of texture and coziness. Take a look at what rugs can do for your interiors.

From the Windows to the Walls
When is comes to planning out your wall space you don’t have to keep it all tidy and symmetrical. Your wall art needs to be unique and interesting. Three-dimensional art can also create build texture though out a room. Keeping your art personal though is most important.

Patterns in Plants
We have discussed the positive effects of bring nature into your home, now lets talk about the texture it can bring as well. Plants are the original and most natural texture around. Plants and flowers can be uplifting and bring positive energy into your home.