If your home is lacking the feeling of energy and you are looking for burst, look no further than the power of orange! The color orange can quickly vamp up your space and help brighten any room!

Today I am going to share with you note-worthy ways to incorporate orange hues into your home.

Expand your space with color
Not all rooms are built with natural light. The best way to design around the infrastructure is to bring the brightness in another way. Using bright colors that pop such as lime green and electric orange are a sure way to make the room seem larger and brighter.

Furnishings with orange hues
If you are used to designing with simplicity and relying on black and white, but are ready to spice things up, try using a variety of muted orange tones for your furnishings. You can do this by getting an ottoman or a chase lounge in the shade of an autumn hue.

Highlight focal points in your room
Using the power of orange you can direct attention to any part of the room you choose. You can achieve this goal by adding tangerine accent accessories near the conversation pieces the room may hold.