We have all had our fair share of moving into new home and renovating old properties. Whether you are interior decorating with your partner, roommate, or family there are many errors you can avoid.

Avoiding extra work is helpful when budgeting for your interior decorating. It saves you time as well!

Today I am going to share with you some tips to help avoid the most common interior design disasters.

Planning the Space
One of the most common made mistakes when interior decorating is miscalculating the measures and proportions of a room. You want to avoid cluttering a room by fitting in the appropriate size furniture. Space planning is the most critical part of the design process so make sure to not skip this step and do it right! Besides jotting down measurements try using interactive blueprints such as www.floorprints.com.

It is very important to consider your floor treatments in any room. Rugs provide both warm and cozy feel and they can also help define any awkward space.

I have many insights to help positioning and choosing your rug.

There are many ways you can express yourself with artwork and maximize the look of your room. Loud colors can work in juxtaposition with a neutral color schemes room. Large art can be a central feature in a smaller room, for example you can use a large mirror. You can also make a strong statement with a cluster of individual art pieces in small and large spaces.

Hiring high-end professional resources will help you choose the perfect artwork for your home. You can find some amazing conversation pieces at Antiquities in Miami.

Over all if you use these methods toward your decorating goal you can make changes to create the perfect living space suits your tastes and lifestyle.