Spring cleaning is coming! To some is may be a pain to give your home a real deep cleaning but there also are some smart ways to make it fun!

Liven up your place and let the warm sunshine and the cool spring breeze in.

Check out these essential ways to spruce up for spring!

  1. Bring the outside in: Try adding more plants and greenery to any area. Old pots and teacups will give a real rustic look and bring more life into the place.
  2. Clean your windows: Believe it or not this really makes a difference. Windows can be commonly forgotten to Windex down but I promise you, you’ll be seeing a lot more sunshine being let in and your rooms will sparkle.
  3. Color: As you may know already the color of the year is marsala, but you can also spice it up with some art deco inspired pastels for a unique and joyful look.
  4. Ombre: This beautifully effect is when one color gradually turns into another. It has been a big trend and can be easily used for decorating. You can use an ombre pillow cushions or a throw blanket to give an airy feel.
  5. Spring Clean: Last but not lease, give your house a full cleaning and have it feeling brand new. This will be the cherry on top of your spring sprucing success.