Luxury fashion and high-end interior design have many aspects in common. When looking at fashion one needs to have a strong sense of design to understand the appeal and how to build an outfit. Just like how you need to know about fashion and design to put together a well outfitted room.

Today I am going to share with you Elle Decor’s top four interior design sensations for this season.

If you read my blog you know how the color red impacts your interior decorating. We also read that Marsala is Pantone’s color of the year. But lets balance out those deep tones with the other side of the color palette, blue! We are seeing more and more home accessories this year with watery cerulean and noble indigo. Test it out and give your room a refresh.

Metallic finishes such as gold, silver, bronze, and pewter, are becoming more and more popular. This trend provides lavish effects and dramatic differences. It is like adding jewelry into a room.

Using nature as your inspiration is very common in interior design. Some decorate based on the fairy tale look and some prefer to capture natural beauty with branchy plants or exotic woods. Bringing a piece of nature into your home is a true interior design sensation that can be used in different ways.

There is a huge resurgence of items being manufactured in the USA. There are many new hand crafted, wholesome pieces with authentic American quality that are being produced all over the States. This trend is growing fast, adding one of these collectors’ items in your home is a must this year for a classy yet sensible feel.