Among high end interior designers, porcelain is hot! Before you check your vision, keep in mind that this versatile material has come a long way from the days of your grandmother’s pink-tiled bathroom floor.

Miami interior designer Steven G. talks about why you might want to explore porcelain for yourself.


The story of how I chose high end interior design as a career has many twists and turns. But looking back it seems inevitable because of one trait I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

In short, the thought of becoming an interior designer never entered my mind until I reached a professional turning point at age 28 (another great story, actually, but I’m saving that for a future post!). The reason was simple.  I had zero exposure to the world of interior design.  It was as if it didn’t exist at all.  However I always observed my surroundings without knowing where it would lead.

I grew up in a very small New England mill town, in a remote part of the city, in the woods, on a dead end street, with a nuclear family that stayed at home and rarely left the neighborhood.  This probably sounds like a lead in for a bad Lifetime movie, but this underexposure did have its benefits.

Being forced to be a “loner” taught me something fantastic; something that has been a key ingredient to my success.  I became an observer.  A silent outsider looking in.

It wasn’t until I entered the premium interior design world that I found that I had learned how to store visual stimuli into a mental idea book through the art of observation.  I found that as I needed inspiration, a stored image would come to the rescue.

So here are some tips on how to harness your own power of observation to empower you to pull from the “files” within your mind.

By nature, we have the ability to enter a space that we have never entered before and map our way through it.

For example, let’s say you’re on a road trip.  You need a break so you take the exit to “multi-plex” rest stop.  It’s a place you have no former knowledge of.  Subconsciously your mind immediately starts to drop pins to establish where you parked (second row next to the trash can, third spot by the tree), where the entrance is (by the knock-off sunglass cart and bank of vending machines), where the coffee is (next to the cheesy display with brochures of what to do while in the area).

You established where you were within a new space while being completely unaware you were doing it.  Steve Jobs and Apple didn’t invent this idea of dropping pins.   Your brain did.

We all have the ability to be in the moment.  It’s just a matter of reigning in that power to observe, learn, and gather ideas.  How?  When you enter a space, when you take a moment to really look at it, use the reactions that you feel.

If you feel that “something”, take a minute to soak it in.  Drop your pins.  Don’t just feel the “WOW” of the space.  Understand it.  Examine the shapes.   Examine the scale.  Look for repeated themes and what they are.  Look for the message because usually there is one.  The space is speaking to you.  The challenge is this: are you listening?

When a space feels special, chances are that others are experiencing it too. When you observe not just your surroundings but how others are experiencing it as well, you will see how you are not alone in your reactions. This will help you crack the code.

Observe body language.  Do people seem comfortable?  If the answer is yes than try to see why.  Is it the lighting?  What area are people drawn to and what is the reason?  How are people moving through the space?  Is it effortless or does it seem staggered?  If staggered, what are the obstacles causing the backup?

What seems to work and what doesn’t?  Remember, the décor isn’t the only factor that can establish the mood of the crowd.

Listening is key.  Do the acoustics add or subtract to the space?  The roar of the crowd is great for football games but not so much for a nice dinner.  A dance club is great to feel the bass, but not great when you want to pull off and have a sidebar with a friend.

If a crowded room doesn’t seem overpowered by the sound, observe why.  Are there upholstered walls?  Drapery as dividing walls?  Millwork screens?  Do these tricks help or hamper the space?  Look to see if people seem enthralled in conversation or preoccupied with their IPhone.  The way others react will tell a big story.

Listen to your innermost thoughts.  If you feel uneasy, there is a reason.  If you feel like you want to stay and unwind, then get inspired by that.  Observe your reactions.  It’s different for us all.  But when something speaks to you, listen to it!  Get intrigued.  Get curious. Get mischievous. Dig down deep.  Have fun with it.

I usually take about 5 minutes upon entering a new space and “semi” zone out if I am with friends or fully zone out if I am alone.  It’s ok that I look like a lost tourist sometimes. My eyes and my mind are working in tandem by speaking to each other.

It is possible to look and not think.  Have you ever looked for your keys to find that they are in your hand?

If I am having a strong reaction to a space (that WOW), I must devour it.

I am a visual junkie and proud of it.  After all, that is what’s so magical about any art form.  It has the power to alter the way people feel.  Once you understand what visually speaks to you, your experiences will take on a whole new level. You will discover how interior design is a very powerful art form.

Hey, it’s not for everyone but if you’re still reading this, chances are there’s a silent observer in you too.


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What’s your favorite way to introduce luxury into your travel?


Watch your favorite Miami interior designer talk about the pleasures of featuring custom designed furniture in your home.


Clients often come to us because they are dissatisfied with the interiors of their homes. Some redesign their home every few years because they never seem to end up with an environment that makes them feel good. This typically happens when an interior decorator focuses entirely on looks at the expense of the most important thing of all…emotion.

I’m not saying that having a beautiful home isn’t important. It certainly is. But beauty is only the beginning.

Our home is where we hang our hat and is escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. It is our sanctuary where we should feel safe to live how we want and represent who we truly are. After all, your home is where most of life’s memories take place. So shouldn’t your home should evoke a part of you?

If your shelter does not fit the details of the life you live, it won’t feel like a home. A house that does not represent you will lead to discontentment and can eventually cause one to perceive the most beautiful home as ugly.

People think about home decoration as all about cosmetics and trends. We often gravitate towards a particular look that we have seen and think we like. Many clients make the mistake of choosing a full service interior design firm that has one style they are good at and replicates the look time and again, thinking this is what the client wants regardless of how the client actually lives.

The key to successful design is to start with lifestyle and work backwards. It is important for you first to figure out how you want to live. From there, a quality interior designer will be able to help you choose the beautiful furnishings that fit into your lifestyle instead of you fitting the designer’s vision.

A simple way of doing this is to dig deep within inside you for the answers. I typically like to have my clients do an inventory list of their lifestyle. Do they enjoy entertaining? Do they have children? Do they cook a lot? The list goes on.

I like to learn as much as I can about a client’s daily lifestyle in order to create the perfect home for them. It is important to be yourself with your designer so that they can focus on what it is that you truly want. This will allow them to design a beautiful and functional environment that you will be happy to live in and enjoy for years to come.


In today’s episode, Miami interior designer Steven G. talks about American conceptual artist Mel Bochner.


I have loved everything about shoes since I was a little girl.

I remember my very first ballet class when I was 5 years old — how I fell in love with those plushy pink ballet flats. And nothing was more fun than playing in my mother’s closet for hours trying on all of her heels.

There’s a reason so many great fashion designers have focused on shoes.

Manolo Blahnik with his classically elegant stilettos.

Christian Louboutin and his perfect red soles.

Dior with his feminine, edgy signature heels.

As a high end interior designer, it’s no wonder that shoes have influenced me. They’ve taught me about style, craftsmanship, quality and detail.

As for you, picking out the right pair of shoes can provide wonderful lessons about the design of your home.

Just like shopping for a pair of the perfect chairs, it’s not just how beautiful they are but how well they sit. The pitch must be absolutely right—are you leaning forward too much or ready for takeoff? Is the seat too shallow or too deep? Are the arms too high or low? Does your tush feel the springs as you sit or does the seat create a permanent indentation?

And are you assured of quality that will last?

A luxurious pair of shoes is all about the lines, cut, details and comfort.

So is quality interior design.

Think of the lines in terms of how they flow fluidly without being disjointed front to back and side to side. The cut should be tailored and proportioned with unique detail that sets apart from the rest.

These elements could be in the stitching, seaming, texture or hardware accents.

There should be a common thread that flows room to room. The furniture should be in proportion to the size of the room. The style should look timeless with accent pieces that complement each other.  Lighting should be strategic to help create a harmonious environment.

Premium craftsmanship is often handmade and invested with time and clear vision.

Manolo Blahnik has been known for perfecting the sexiest and most comfortable pair of stilettos. He spent years studying the ergonomics of women’s feet and perfecting the arch for his famous shoes. Each pair of shoes are crafted by hand to perfection.

Similarly, in home design, great craftsmanship trumps bells and whistles every time. A premium interior design professional studies a space as if it is a woman’s feet, and creates an environment perfectly suited to it.

Everyone has had the experience (or knows someone) who hardly wore beautiful shoes because they didn’t fit well. This is the same as sitting in a chair that does not meet its function and comfort. Or having a room with poor lighting that becomes a distraction and destroys the overall ambiance.

If your home doesn’t fit who you are and how you live, the design is a failure.

Luxury is wonderful, but comfort is what makes every day livable—whether it’s the shoes you walk around in or the place where you kick up your feet.


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We’re closing in on our third week of our The Psychology of Design blog. It’s shaping up to be a real adventure!

The initial response has been overwhelming. We’re thrilled and honored by how many of you have decided to visit us and share your favorite posts with your friends.

There are plenty of other fantastic high end interior design blogs out there showing you the hottest design trends. We’ve had fun discovering them and have already shared a number of our favorites (and will keep on doing so).

That said, our goal is different.

What we want to do is share with you whatever wisdom we’ve gained over the years about how to dig deep into your own thoughts, dreams, and preferences to make sure you end up with a home you’ll adore forever.

Just as the best therapists help make you be the best person you can be, the highest quality interior design should make you feel the best you can possible feel.

Premium interior design really is all about psychology.

So if you’ve never visited us before, or just want a quick summary of what we’re all about, start with the posts below. Click on the titles to get the high level view and then have fun exploring the rest!


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